Tanks with Tubing Coils

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Meeting All Your Tanks with Tubing Coils Needs

We want to win all your tubing coils work. Our engineers have made tubing coil products for over forty years, and our company has been in business for over thirty.

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Tanks with Tubing Coils

Most processes need optimal conditions to function efficiently. Extreme temperatures can cause equipment or substances to overheat or freeze, negatively impacting performance. Better regulate your operating environment with high-performance tanks with tubing coils from Berrien Metal Products.

Tanks with tubing coils are often used as heat exchanges, which are industrial equipment designed to move or transfer heat from one medium to another without direct contact. Manufactured by installing a coil inside a tank, these devices regulate process media temperature as it flows over the coil. Fluid, such as water or air, transfers heat into or away from the media contained within the tank. Advantages of tanks with tubing coils include:

  • Compact size
  • Broad temperature and pressure ranges
  • High pressure-handing capability
  • Cleanable service-fluid flow area
  • High rate at which heat is transferred through a wall from one fluid to another
  • Available in various materials

Obtain tanks with tubing coils built to your exacting specifications by partnering with Berrien Metal Products, a leading full-service build-to-print, Original Equipment Manufacture and prototyping fabricator. With years of development experience, we specialize in the manufacture of reliable, efficient, and durable tanks with tubing coils. Our capabilities include:

  • Secure coil to tank by brazing or soldering
  • ¼” to ½” tubing
  • Tubes 7/8” OD or smaller
  • All welding fabricators are American Welding Society certified
  • Specialize in critical or small precise welds
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding

Tanks with Tubing Coils Applications

Users of tanks with tubing coils include petrochemical, oil and gas, university research and development, power generation, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, food and beverage processing, and pulp and paper industries. Depending upon tank design and heat transfer requirements, we can install a wide array of coil types. Examples include:

  • Helical
  • Double helical
  • Mitre type
  • Oval type
  • Box type
  • Flat spiral
  • Flat return bend
  • Conical

While our metal fabricators can manufacture tanks with tubing coils from multiple material types, we work most often with the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

Operating under the guidance of a 300-point quality management system, Berrien Metal Products is dedicated to fabricating quality tanks with tubing coils for our customers. The following aspects give us the quality advantage:

  • Material is purchased from reputable suppliers
  • Compliance is verified upon arrival
  • Precision testing and inspection equipment is used to confirm accuracy
  • An audit is performed on every order prior to shipment
  • We can confirm leak-free vessels with high-pressure testing

Maximize your heat transfer capabilities with reliable, high-performance tanks with tubing coils by Berrien Metal Products. From custom designs to mass production runs, we have you covered.

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